Clara and Everett

Clara and Everett

Friday, August 18, 2017

"Sleep" study 8-15-17

I was dreading this week not only because it was our first full week of school and I wasn't comfortable with Clara being at school yet, but also because Tuesday we had a jam packed schedule. Two therapy sessions in the am, work, rush home, sleep study. 

Our first sleep study in Tampa was horrible. Our second one went well, the tech left us alone. This one, not so good. You can see the stack of wires behind him. :(

The tech was nice and understood his fears, she put a blanket on the floor and I brought his toys and DVD player down for distraction. She cared about Everett and was nice, but I struggled with her later in the night. I asked to go in early because they typically start at 7:30 and it takes a good two hours to get hooked up and settled. We started at 6:45 and we still weren't settled until 9:45 after hooking him up, wire issues and then a big poop made by Everett from losing his patience in the last 30 minutes. I don't blame him one bit, he was so patient for SO long, way past his bedtime. 

I didn't think he would like his "boxing gloves" aka size one diapers taped to him but he didn't mind them one bit, he even found them entertaining. He's such a good boy. He had some quick hands from the start and we both agreed getting his hands wrapped up would really help the process. 

I warned the tech he was a light sleeper. I don't know if she understands what that means. 

He has lines all over his head, chest, neck, behind his ears, back, heart, legs, there are leads coming out of everywhere. It must be SO uncomfortable.

Still my happy boy though. 

Until the nose canula went on, that just ticked him right off. It all was downhill from there. Those things NEVER stay in. So, the tech woke him up three times to fix that and another multiple times RIGHT, I mean DIRECTLY after I got him to sleep. She would come in to "check" and the hall light and her not so whispering voice woke him. I was trying to soothe him because if I let him self soothe, he would get so mad and knock the wires and such out and then the moment he settled, she'd come in to fix all he he screwed up from crying and thrashing and would wake him up again. This went on all night. I got him to sleep 3 times, I felt so bad for how tired and uncomfortable he was, she continued to wake him, for no good reason. She didn't need to fix anything, she would come in for the most obnoxious reasons so by 4:30 when he only had an hour of sleep and I had none I kinda wasn't so nice to her. I let her know if she wasn't going to leave us alone I wanted to leave. I asked if we would have enough data to even read anything or if all of this was for not. She said if I could get him back to sleep from 4:30 to 6 we'd probably have enough. So I told her to stay the heck out and of course things were fine from 4:30 - 6. I have an appointment next Wednesday for the results. I'm quite curious what on Earth could come from that mess of a night. We got home around 6:30. I helped get Clara ready for school, took a shower, and was able to get Everett to sleep by 8:30. He woke at 10:30 for his therapy but was too tired so I had the sitter take him right back to sleep. He slept for about 3 more hours and then was a bit happier. At least I have ZERO down time at work so there wasn't much  time to get tired. I don't think I'll ever have energy again. 

First week of school - first full week

It was so hard going to school Monday. We felt nervous still on Friday of last week and Clara said she didn't want to go on Monday morning but she is a smart girl and has accepted she just goes and that's that. This is us after school. Everyone told me she'd be worn out, nope. Nap or not, this girl is FULL of energy. My stomach is still not good so I asked for some cuddles after we got home on Monday. 

When I walk into school she is on the playground for PE. Here she is! She calls me over, asks for a kiss and asks me to take her with me, I remind her I can't and she goes back and plays. She is such a good girl. I miss you too Clara. 

Everett has my tummy bug. It's lasted over a week for us both. :( 

Clara's first day of school - PK3 Southern Oak - Mama's school

A quote on facebook I found that I love. 

I've NEVER seen Clara so excited to take pictures. She looked, smiled, posed, it was so awesome. She was so excited. It (for once) was ALL about her, she deserves the world. The sign says:

"First day of - PK3 Southern Oak Elementary"
"My teacher is Ms. Wright"
"When I grow up I want to be an Ice Cream Dealer" Her words, it changes daily. This was today's choice.
"Age - 3"
"I like to - swim"

I love this one. She loves him so much and his admiration for her never wavers. 

She got busy right away. There were many kids sad, it broke my heart, I didn't want to leave them, thank GOD it wasn't her. I wouldn't have been able to walk away. The kiddo in the lighter blue shirt screams at the top of his lungs all throughout the day, today (8-18-18) was the first day he didn't scream all day. I'm talking, ear piercing, insta-migrane, Earth shattering screaming. Clara doesn't complain about it, I ask her about all the kids crying and this one screaming and she says she tries to make them happy. The cutie boy with the stripes to her left is Andru, her friend. Andre went to middle school with his daddy, he came for swim lessons from Andre all summer, so Clara knows him well which is nice. 

Mommy brought Bubby to her classroom to welcome the 2nd graders to school. I needed anything to distract me. It's such a horrible feeling leaving your baby not knowing what she might want, need, or feel. We miss her so much already, but this boy is always able to make me smile. 

Day 1 of school - donut treat after class in mama's room. Great first day! She says she doesn't want to go back but she didn't want me to come pick her up. When I ask her why she doesn't want to go back she can't tell me an answer. I think it's just a strange adjustment and we all need time to get used to it.

Outside her classroom - sorry pics out of order, Andre's phone and my phone, not worth taking the time to organize. 

School clothes shopping. She found her dress and cardigan from Old Navy. We hid the hat while checking out. ;) 

Of course I have a sweet stress pimple loud and clear. 

So sad, just left sissy in her class. 

Athena is Andru's older brother. She and Clara play together lots. She is going into first grade. Andru is super pumped about school. 

I love us. I love that bubby made up his own "say cheese" face. 

Sorry if the pictures repeated, my brain is so very foggy. 

Niece Gabrielle and nephew Coby on their first day. 

Julia, Isaac, Tyler, and Dylan on the first day.