Clara and Everett

Clara and Everett

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kiddie update

These two nuggets love one another so much. Everett being the calm, cool and collected one makes their partnership easy. He shares and gives everything to sissy willingly when she politely asks. There's times I won't let him share with her, since she seems to always want whatever it is he has...girls. She loves him so much though, she typically takes a toy she knows he likes to trade him so she can have what he's playing with, which is nice, I guess. ;)

She has wanted him in her lap lately. She helps me hold his hand while we all walk together. He won't walk with one hand yet, he can, he just won't. They are silly together and make each other laugh. They're very playful and typically enjoy each other's company. If she's mad at him she'll push him away with her foot. If he's annoyed with her he'll grab her clothes or her skin and squeeze it tight with clenched teeth. Thankfully neither of those happen that often. I'm imagining the older they get the more it will happen. I'm so curious to find out if Everett will always be this chill with her or if he'll start to fight her on things more.

They're both doing so many new things, always.

Everett is getting close to standing independently. He can and he will for a few seconds and as soon as he realizes no one is holding onto him he sits down. He could also walk, but it's a comfort issue. His approximation which is how close he gets to saying words is improving greatly. He has been making great gains in speech and it's so fun. He doesn't come out and say words to us, I don't think he realizes he can tell us things yet which is strange because he'll sign things but not attempt to speak them. I'll tell him what I think he wants to say and then he'll say it but he doesn't come right out with it. I can't wait for him to call out "mama" on purpose. He says mama and he knows I'm mama but he doesn't call me to him or anything like that yet. He's full of babble and when he reads books he attempts to say most of the words or if it's animals he'll say the noise they make. Everyone is highly impressed with his receptive language, how much he understands. So, it's only a matter of time for him to become expressive. Once he has the skills to talk, he'll have a lot to say, there is a LOT stored in that brain of his. I'm working closely with speech right now trying to help him learn to communicate his needs/wants so that when he goes to school in August, communication isn't a barrier. We all know it will be, but hopefully less of one, that is one of my biggest fears for him. I can read his mind, his sounds, his cries...I really want others to be able to understand him like I do. So, we have a lot of work ahead of us. But, we're never afraid of a lot of work!!! :) He still doesn't want to self feed unless it's pretzels or pizza. So, that's what we're working on in OT and Speech feeding. Before August I need him walking, self feeding, communicating and at least working on potty training. Those are big goals. We saw ENT and all looks well in his ears. We see his eye doctor to check vision in Dec. He has to have his thyroid checked in Dec as well. Another hearing test will probably be in Feb. We are working on headphones so he can have more accurate tests but he's not a fan of headphones. It's still constant working. It's amazing to me what we all take for granted. It's amazing what goes into the basics like walking, talking and eating that comes natural for most. Good thing he's a hard worker! Everett can be a typical two year old boy when he unravels the toilet paper, throws everything in sight, plays in the toilet if the seat is left up, empties bins, makes big messes really fast. He is giggly and funny and he knows it and tries to get us all laughing at him. He is good natured unless he's stuck in his stroller or seat, he wants to be DOWN and moving at all times. He has a great attention span and works for long periods of time with his therapists.

Andre and I realized if we had a third child, how fast everything would happen. We came across a video of Clara at Everett's age and it's unbelievable what she was doing. Her speech and vocab was always earlier than most so it's even more crazy to think about. We are trying to enjoy the slow pace since this is highly likely our last go round with kids. We both want one more, but just can't imagine it. Life is crazy as it is, really crazy!

Clara is doing amazing things lately too, like, READING. Yea people, I picked up her book to read it to her, an easy practice reading book and she was saying some of the words she had memorized before I read them. Mind you this was a brand new book, we had never read before. She just had the actual word memorized. I had no clue how many words she has in that brain of hers. So I started asking her to sound the other words out and SHE COULD. It's the most amazing thing to see, especially as a teacher. It just happened, just like that. Which immediatly made me think of how hard it'll be for Everett, sissy will help! She could read most of the words except the blends like "th" and "ch" which she caught on quick and by the end of the book was able to read sh, ch, and th words. Of course she is stubborn and doesn't want to so I have to bribe her, but she can do it! She is very into science and not into art. She hates writing, drawing, coloring. She doesn't hate painting but nothing artsy is her favorite. She likes play-doh so she "molds". She likes to make ramps for her cars and make-believe is still cool to her. She builds structures out of blocks and can add and subtract small numbers in her head. She likes to watch movies, current favorite is the Elf on the Shelf movie and The BFG - big friendly giant. She claims she doesn't want to go to school but is a good girl and goes and does a great job. She is making friends and talks about them at home and looks forward to seeing them each day. She loves the park, beach and ultimate favorite is the splash park which is now closed until Spring. We have been spending time at indoor parks she likes a lot. She is brave, climbs high and does the big kid things all by herself. She is so brave but cautious, just like when she was 1 and learning to walk. She LOVES scary things, anything to do with Halloween and scary objects, monsters, spiders jumping out at her. She likes dressing up, doing puzzles, marble mazes she got for her bday, play-doh anything, slime, and being read to. Her hand eye coordination is getting pretty accurate, I wonder if she'll be into sports. She is currently in dance and is over it. She likes to be jumping on trampolines, flipping her body around the bars and balancing on the beams.  She likes dance a little because her cousin Julia is in it, but she would rather do gymnastics. She said on our way to dance Monday, "Mama, I'm going to convince Julia to do gymnastics with me, I'll tell her she gets to do more fun things, more dangerous." Oh boy, music to mama's ears, "do's dangerous", NOT! So after the Nutcracker performance we'll go back to gymnastics. She is also going to start violin lessons, a free program through Tiffany's church which is amazing and I'm super excited about. This age is so much fun, there's so much more but they're both awake from nap. Time to go!

Clara trying to get him to hold his head up...

My favorite one!

Andre being silly.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Clara is finally "well". She is still hacking up a lung but less often and is able to sleep better. I guess the cough could last for a few weeks. :( It was impossible to keep them apart but Clara is really good and knows not to touch him, his toys, and covers with her arm when she coughs. She has been fever free since Fridee and we're now at Tuesdee so if Everett comes down with this now I'll be surprised. I'm more surprised he got by without getting it. CRAZY! I'm super excited, hoping his immunity stays strong enough to keep us out of ER visits and hospital stays in the future. I'm glad he's getting exposed to a bit of what Clara gets at school since he'll be immersed next year!

We're enjoying our break at therapy basically. And by enjoying, I mean, not enjoying. Clara was super excited to go but really struggles there for some reason. It confirms why she is in school and not with me, it's been a challenge. There's so many fun things to play with but she loses her patience with toys and wants me to play with her and she's really struggled to behave while we are there. Thankfully the PT who we will see twice this week has three kids so she thinks nothing of it and thinks Clara is angelic, phew! The last two weeks I was fighting insurance for approval for his therapies so we couldn't go and now that Clara is off, and trying to get well, we're booked up this week. Go figure. Timing! :/ Anyway, we're making the best of it.

I took Everett to get a hair cut today. He looks so cute. I was doing my best to distract him, he isn't fond of haircuts so there needs to be some distraction, therefore I didn't get a pic. I'll post one soon he is so cute. We're going to go to Toys R Us tonight to let Clara scope it out and pick out a few items to write on her list for Santa. We have great ideas for her but I think it's so fun to "wish" for things and have them come true!

We're going to go to Dad's for Thanksgiving. I believe Kristin and Kristopher are joining in the fun too. We'll stay for the day since Everett wakes the world up at 5am. At home we can sleep through it or I can rock him but out of his element he sleeps even worse and we are all kind of run down. We're going to go to Lisa's family Thanksgiving Wednesday, they're doing it a day early since some of the kids will be gone on the Thursday. There's lots of holiday gatherings and celebrations coming that we're looking forward to in the near future, it's about to get busy!

Snuggling with Sissy.

Bubs and I going for a stroll and kissing of course. He smacks his lips now when he kisses, it sounds so cute. It's a hard skill for him to do that, a new milestone met! :)

This is him going to kiss his cute face on the phone.

That smile. Gosh I love this smile. It makes every one of my days worth living.

Saying "hi" to his cute self. He still b lines for the pool but now understands we're not getting in and doesn't throw a fit about it.

Um, hello my cuteness. Just look at this little man. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Stealing pics from the world wide web. Of course this was one of my favorites!

I was racing this car with Clara and helped her make a small ramp for it. Daddy always kicks it up a notch.

It’s a no go

My little bug is still in misery. She perked up today and sat up this morning, ate 1/8 of a bagel and cream cheese. She had to pouches today but also got diahrrea. She took a bit to come around after nap (I was at work :(.  ) but tonight has been rough, she coughs until she vomits. Mostly mucus. She can’t stay asleep for more than 10 min without a coughing fit. The first call of my name through the monitor confirmed I made the right choice to stay. My heart would be broken if she wanted me and I wasn’t here. Dr in the am to make sure there’s nothing more we can do to help this along or make her more comfortable. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Let the sick season begin...

When I picked Clara up from school Monday she was warm. It escalated quickly that evening, no dance class for sure. Two others in her class were out with this illness. Tylenol and Motrin regiment began and it's still going...Wednesday 8pm. I don't know that she's had a fever this high, for this long. She has a nasty cough that developed Tuesday and lots of mucus. She threw up Tuesday night at 9pm and had bad dreams about spiders that she believed were true and was begging me to, "keep your eyes open mommy, find the two spiders, take them outside, and come back to bed to cuddle me...promise?!" Which I did, ;) until 3:30, mainly because I couldn't sleep. I was worried about how warm she as and she was squirming all over and lots of coughing. Thankfully when she feels sick she goes straight to her bucket and likes to keep it close. Tuesday I made an appointment for her, for Wednesday am in case she wasn't better. She was not at all, her fever still raging. They tested her for the flu and that was a no, thankfully. So, something viral that we need to ride out. She sat up off the couch for thirty minutes tonight, so that's progress. This girl never lays down and so if she does, she's quite ill. She hasn't sat up much since Monday pm. I've done my best to keep Bubs away, he is so good and plays by himself all day, Clara has been so snuggly and she just looks so sick I feel terrible. I wish I could split myself in two. I took him to therapy Tuesday am and Andre stayed with Clara. Today our interventionist came to the house to work with him which gave me an hour to get her settled after the doctor and asleep. I really hope she turns a corner soon.

I was supposed to be going to visit Ana tomorrow night, I would leave to catch my flight at 5. I'm pretty much giving it until then to decide what to do. I'm super afraid Everett will get this. It's respiratory and those take us to the ER in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure what to do. Time will tell. Let's see if I get more than an hour of sleep tonight!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bday fun, and then some!

We went to the Redington Food and Wine festival for a joint bday for Ed and I. His bday is the fifth and so he's stuck celebrating with me. It was an amazingly fun and funny night.

Abbey, our sitter was sick the day before my bday, I think it was...anyway, Everett went to play with his friends with Doe and Michael. They are saviors and he had a great time. Clara was super excited to see them but doesn't like to share her time with them with anyone else, even me, so she's explained she will go back without kids or adults to be with them.

This cute girl before school, choosing her poses

Bday celebration on bday

Clara is sharing mommy's flowers with her teachers, I know Aunt Lisa would understand.

I came home from school with the house decked out in balloons, a bday present and a cake!! Andre snuck home before me to surprise me. So sweet.

I decided since it was my bday I could have a slice of cake before dinner, before singing, I am the bday girl...right? He was shocked by my decision, quite bothered by it but tried hard to let it go. I was just fine with my decision. ;) It's my bday, I'll eat my cake without you if I want to, yes?

Kristin came over and we went to Hibachi, I love that scene, the food, I thought it would be a great distraction for the kids to maybe watch and behave. Clara was quite squirly and I busted out Everett's DVD player to keep him quiet. Sitting at a table is quite a challenge these days. So, with that, dinner was great and we came back for cake, or more cake if we're speaking on my behalf. It was yummy! Andre sure knows what I like, vanilla cake with butter cream frosting!!

Thanks to family and friends who wished me a happy birthday, sent cards, gifts...I felt very special.

My pretty lady. She even busted out a booty dance for my bday, and a special one for Aint Krissim too that had Kristin crying happy tears. I'll let her tell you that story!

Everett decided to decorate for my bday! We have to leave the bathroom door closed because this ten seconds of fun is a new fun game for this boy!

Bday morning with my cuties.