Clara and Everett

Clara and Everett

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy Third My Sweetest Boy

Everett had a wonderful third birthday. The "small, close" gathering turned into forty fast. So many people love him it's hard to not include everyone he knows! A fun time had by all! More about my amazing Everett soon!

Girls being girls at bubby's partay. Mimi brought Clara a porcelain Tea Set and they girls were having a mini tea party.

Noah's booty shaking was entertainment towards the ladder part of the party. The boy has some moves.
 Clara's reaction to Noah's dancing. 
All of Everett's cousins and bffs spent quality time playing with him because they genuinely love him. He had so much fun with everyone!

Girls putting on a parade.

Birthday boy with his Elmo cake.

Andre blocking the bday boy with his hat, pah.

Trying so hard to get a pic, Clara refused and E pretty much did too.

Best family photo EVA, not.

This boy cannot get cuter. He is the sweetest, happiest, funniest, sweetest, did I say that already? Oh PS - he is super smart. He knows all of his colors, shapes, numbers, and is learning his ABCs. He's walking more than crawling, speaking and saying new words and blends regularly, he is my little champion and we are super proud of all he does, the human he is and what he brings out of all those that he surrounds. He is a true gem and I'm so thankful I got to be the lucky mama. Happy birthday sweet boy!