Clara and Everett

Clara and Everett

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Surgery day (details updated 7/1)

I love how happy he can be at 4:45 in the morning!

All of the nurses remember him from last time! They all run to get each other so that everybody can say hi!

This is his new silly face he loves to make at himself. 

Bye-bye baby. This part is the worst. It'll never get easy. When they take his sweet face away and I don't know if he's scared (I'm assuming he is), crying, in pain, will things go right? or wrong? Everything runs through my head. 

After surgery. They doped him up on pain meds, not considering anesthesia and low muscle tone. He didn't have the strength to cough up the mucus so he turned blue and I about fainted. I refused to put him down and some angry nurse snatched him from me. It took about 20 minutes for them to get a breathing treatment and I heard them calling in a panic for the respiratory unit, which never came, lovely. The nice nurse brought me an apple juice which helped me a lot, I could tell he was so confused and in so much pain so he just refused to cough. He was very limp so I know he probably didn't have the strength to do it either. Seeing your children in this position is the worst. 

After we both "recovered" - poor bubby

He kept wanting to play peek-a-boo but would fall asleep with Elmo against his face. 

Sweet boy. I thought we were out of the woods here, little did I know we had just entered. 

Let the torture begin. IV #1 busted. He already had two holes in him where they had attempted before surgery, his options are always limited. :/ I held him with all my might for 15 minutes before they could get #4 in, his arms are so poked and bruised, my entire body crumbles when I think of my baby in pain. 

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